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Frequently asked questions

Why do my gums bleed?

Gum disease is caused by a build-up of plaque on the teeth.  If you do not remove plaque from your teeth by brushing and cleaning in between them regularly, it builds up and irritates your gums.

Can I still claim on my dental insurance if I am on your membership plan?

Joining our membership plan does not effect most insurances, many of our patients receive a statement on request after treatment has been carried out which allows them to forward it on to their insurance provider. (please check with your insurer)

What is the best membership plan?

Both of our membership plans are very beneficial but every patient is different, your dentist will be able to recommend the plan to suit your dental needs

Can I finance my treatment?

Finance is available once your treatment plan has been created by your dentist. Its quick and easy please find the link under Fees on our home page 

What is the best toothbrush to use?

If you are unsure of what toothbrush to use, please check with your dental professional. Every patient is different and has personal preference on their toothbrushes. Your dentist will recommend the best one for you individually

Can I see another dentist if my dentist has limited availabilty?

It is possible to be seen by another one of our dentists if they have limited availability, we try to keep you with your same dentist for treatment as mostly your dentist creates your treatment plan. On some occasions other dentists may carry out treatment.

What age should I take my child to the dentist?

There is no age restriction on taking your child to the dentist. Mostly, when a child cuts their first tooth around 6 months old they take their first trip to the dentist

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