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Faint Glow
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Many of our patients ask when their child can have their first check-up at the dentist. The answer is there is in fact no age restriction on taking your child to the dentist. Mostly, when a child's first tooth comes through the gum, usually at the age of 6 months, it's a great time to book their first trip to the dentist.

At Sapphire Dental we also have our children's corner where many of our younger patients enjoy colouring, building tower blocks and also knocking on our Tooth Fairy's door! 

It is important to maintain children's oral hygiene in order to prevent tooth decay, which is the primary reason that children have a general anaesthetic. We recommend parents to help children brush their teeth until at least the age of 7, and certainly until they have developed the dexterity to manoeuvre a toothbrush around their mouth effectively.

Children's appointments are never rushed and we work with the parent to create a friendly environment so they can enjoy their visit to the dentist and leave with lots of positive experiences. 

Children's Fees

Check-ups: 0-5 Year olds - Free (Only if their parents are our plan members or regular 6 monthly attendees, otherwise £10)
New Patient Check-ups: 6-17 year olds - £25

After first initial check-up appointment:
6-10 year olds - £10
11-17 year olds - £15
Fissure Sealant - £25
Fluoride Varnish Treatment - £15

Baby Tooth Filling - £50

Baby Tooth Extraction - £50

Faint Glow


Faint Glow
Image by Mahbod Akhzami
Alphabet Cubes
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