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We welcome referrals for Specialist periodontal therapy and complex dental implant treatments


We welcome referrals for Specialist periodontal therapy and complex dental implant treatments.

Manoj Tank is our Specialist periodontist with extensive experience in the surgical and non-surgical management of periodontal disease and issues relating to the gum and stability of teeth.

Manoj is also our skilled implant surgeon offering an extensive range of options, from replacing a missing tooth with a single implant crown, many missing teeth with an implant bridge or supported denture, or all teeth missing with a full arch restoration. It may be that your patients require bone grafting or a sinus lift as part of their implant treatment to ensure secure placement. Manoj will perform the treatment you require before returning your patients to your care, with the option for you to restore the implants following placement.

Whatever your patients’ needs, Manoj will liaise with you throughout, keeping you up to date with treatment before returning them to your ongoing care.



We welcome referrals for simple and complex Invisalign Treatment.

Kavita Malkan is our Invisalign expert who joined Align Technology in 2016 (the manufacture of the Invisalign clear aligner system) and became the UK's Clinical Manager soon after. Through her years at Align she has developed extensive product knowledge and has helped thousands of other dentists through their Invisalign cases. 3D scans will be taken to see the vision of your future smile, you will be able to see the final results of your invisalign treatment.


We welcome referrals for Root Canal Treatment with our Root Canal Expert Jassar El Jabouri.

My career spans almost 20 years with a wide range of experience and extensive knowledge in complex root canal work. My practice is limited to endodontics, which I very much enjoy.


I have performed over 7500 root canals, and am a strong advocate of high ethical and patient care standards. I have been recognised as one of the UK’s leading experts in the field of root canal treatment.

I am married with two children and a keen Real Madrid fan. I also enjoy travelling to Madrid.


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