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Cancellation Policy


Practice Policy for Collecting Fees


This policy relates to all fees and charges payable by any patient who uses the services of this practice.  This includes money owed for check-ups, examinations, preventive advice, treatment with the hygienist and all treatment provided by a dentist. All treatment is on a private basis

The practice will at all times seek to be sympathetic to and understanding of each patient’s financial circumstances.  Action to enforce settlement of debt for outstanding fees and charges will be taken in respect of all current and former patients who have failed to pay any outstanding charges.


All fees for treatment provided should ideally be paid before leaving the practice.  If the patient has an outstanding amount owing to the practice at the time of their next appointment, the practice may request that the account is settled before they can receive further treatment at the practice.  If the patient does not settle their account, the practice may refuse treatment until all outstanding amounts are paid.

Missed Appointments

If a private patient fails to attend an appointment or cancels without reasonable notice, the practice may ask the patient to pay a deposit on all further appointments. Following the patients first missed appointment; the patient will then have to pay a deposit prior to booking every subsequent appointment. This is will calculated as £1 a minute, and a minimum of £30. If the patient fails to attend for a routine check-up or hygiene appointment and is a ‘Privilege Plan’ patient they will lose these benefits from their plan. This information is included in our practice information leaflet.

Debt Collection

All outstanding debts will be pursued.  Patients will be sent written notification that their debt remains outstanding and given every opportunity to pay the fees due.  Only as a last resort, this practice will pursue patients for debts owing by using a debt-collecting agency.

To ensure that this practice does not breach its duty of confidentiality, we will only disclose lists of debtors to debt collection agencies in order to recover our debts and will not disclose this information to any other third party.

Payment methods

This practice accepts all major debit and credit cards excluding American Express.  We do not accept cash/cheques.

This policy and relevant procedures will be reviewed annually and are due for review on: 04/12/2024 or prior to this date in accordance with new guidance or legislative changes.

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